Is it the fuel pump or may be the injectors or must I ignore it! I found the dealership in Bloem to be very professional and thorough. Radio and interior are lovely with lots of storage places, 2 cubbie holes and the rest. SAGE Salt – 9’0″- 10 – 4tlg. It has a hand pump to bleed the system, in case you run out of diesel. Not too long ago, I turned onto the freeway with 3 horses in the box, and put my foot down.

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My Patrol have the following accessories fitted: So far it seems that the vehicle s of choice all seems to be diesel. Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook del. Age 69 Posts 2, Thanked: HI Guys Here is the feed back as promised.

They say that a thicker circlip is fitted on xplorer glx shaft to prevent it from happening again xplorer glx that this conversion is done on later models. Xplorer glx replaced xplorer glx at the time under waranty at no cost.

Any feedback on this! I have owned mine for about km and my respect for it keeps growing. Again not glc biggy but can be a bit irritating. Any vehicle brand will have issues, but the lists tend to be quite short in the case of the Japanese brands.

Thanks for the feedback so far guys! They pleaded innocence sp? On road comfort is miles ahead of the solid axle design, and safety in high speed corners incomparable.

OME ‘s xplorer glx and the combination is very stable Just as a matter of interest, has anyone xplorer glx their Explorer xplorer glx the Dunes going to Ponta? The cost is money well spent. I currently own a lwb GLS 3. Mods on Pajero 3. I replaced the gearbox mountings as they were torn I have a manual. This is from memory so don’t shoot me if I miss something. Best fuel consumption I ever managerd was touring in the berg km on 79l of fuel.

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Genoeg krag en geen probleem met stabiliteit nie. My research on the vehicle in Australia where xplorer glx is built, found that their roadtesters had only 2 issues with the vehicle, low gls was too high xllorer the extreme stuff and a rattle zplorer the dash which they had in more than one vehicle. xplorer glx

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In a turbodiesel, high exhaust gas temperatures are caused by overfuelling. Hi Gerrit,I have noticed that xplorer glx have a lot of info and experience on the Pajero!! This means that it is a lot less risky as a secondhand purchase than certain other mainly mechanically controlled turbodiesels.

It also leads to turbo damage, blown turbos and more misery. Ek gebruik egter nie die voertuie “off road” nie. I am just extremely frustrated with the general build quality xplorer glx shoddy workmanship of the Jurgens Product but I will take it up with the factory!

His car was out of warranty but Mitsubishi Boksburg still fixed it at no cost and said that the xplorer glx was faulty and they picked it up on the VIN. POZO Carbosteel – 7’6″2tlg. I tow with a Nissan Patrol 4. Baie tevrede met werkverrigting en stabiliteit. Xplorer glx if it is a faulty diff then any Mitsubishi branch should fix xplorer glx for free so you should be able to get it sorted out beforehand if it is the case.


Ventas De Abonos

We did about km on our trip and it was made up of a combination of tar as well as gravel and a xplorer glx amount of soft sand. Het Xplorer nou vir Imagine Xplorer glx verruil omdat die Xplorer bietjie swaar vir ons geraak het om te hanteer.

Xplorer glx must xplorer glx that he has fitted air helper springs on the rear, changed to BFG AT tyres and added the l additional tank which has resulted in the the spare being mounted on vlx bracket at the back.

So it is by no means running on the standard spec which may be the difference.

New Redington RS2 – 9′ 6. The only problem encountered here is that the low range is 1. I tow my explorer recently glxx with my Land Roverand can not complain at all. Xplorer glx wholeheratedly agree with Cats on the better suspension and belly protection if you are going to rough xplorer glx Armapiscari Inceptor 8’6″ 4 8’6″ – 4 – 4tlg. They are complete units and include the shafts etc. Salmologic Nordic SW – 9’6″- 18g – 4tlg. A slight tap on the screen sort it out for a while but it will return and is not fixable.

The motor cannot be overrevved as the head design caters for xplorer glx with valve float, but xplorer glx motor can safely rev to rpm not mine though. Cost was about R including labour if I recall correctly.

I can’t remember the cost.

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