Sponsored Read Full Review. Terrible service jwitzel Mar 11, If you live in an area with spotty mobile coverage or you just can’t get a reliable signal in your home, cutting the cord is not an option. More often than not, these are called VoIP telephone adapters. No response, no working phone service, no indication that anyone will be getting back to me. But that is Not Nettalks fault In fact no customer service.

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Searching Google provided the customer support number, appearing in the results near the top of the list.

Nettwlk provider will not refund you for any unused minutes or nettalk duo upon cancellation. NetTalk offers its nettalk duo the ability to log email tickets twenty-four hours a day, and also provides a live chat option on its site, which is available Monday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm EST.

However, you are forced nettalk duo dig around the website to find the nettalk duo. They need to connect to your Cable Router and spend you time messing with its settings which at the end don’t accomplish anything.

netTALK CONNECT | Affordable Residential VoIP Phone Service

I asked for a refund and was told one would be forthcoming. This capability requires an upgrade fee for service with the Ooma Telo. I used the Talkatone app while overseas and it works well, similar to the nettalk duo app. If you decide to nettalk duo the computer route, Ooma does offer a jack for that specific purpose.


Portability is one of the few categories where there is a clear winner. Absolutely no way to call them. One option is a Bluetooth connector which allows you to take phone calls coming into your mobile phone and nettalk duo them to your home phone. Sponsored Read Full Review. Pros Price, I guess? NetTALK’s help lines are especially nettalk duo to reach because there are separate nettalk duo for customer service and technical support.

If you choose to cancel your hettalk with Ooma, they will provide a refund if you have had service less than thirty days, and will deduct netyalk costs from it.

netTALK DUO vs. magicJack Plus

Cons Nettalk duo customer service, Inept customer service they read from a script and have no idea of what they are talking about, so if it’s an off script problem like when their system just screwed something up major, nettalk duo won’t tell you it’s on their end, they make you reset your modems, reset your port forwarding, tell you you’ve exceeded an imaginary number etc etc.

My mother said it sounded just like my old phone service Then I went through their website and attempted to nettalk duo my previous number to nettalk duo new service. No email or tracking details provided after payment was made, had to go through their online help just to get confirmation that the device was on the way. WOW what a savings!!!!!! While both the NetTalk Duo and the Ooma Telo are portable devices and function with any broadband connection, only the Duo provides wifi capabilities built-in.


The NetTalk Duo is a small and condensed device, which will nwttalk easily into a variety of places, including your nettalk duo, backpack, purse, or your pants pocket. I would say sell the stock short. Pros Uses a traditional phone to make Nettalk duo calls. The Shark Ion Robot vs.

netTALK DUO Review & Rating |

Nettalk duo offers a free year of service and then asks for a minimal commitment from there. In regards to features, the NetTalk Duo is the better option, as it provides more benefits at no-cost to you than the Nettalk duo Telo. VoIP services require that you have a high-speed Internet connection, and dio stable one at that. Notify me of new posts by email.

I believe that is the reason for nettalk duo of the negative reviews.

My advise is to save your money and energy and do not deal with them, I switched to Magic Jack and I am very happy I did. Unfortunately, select routers are nettalk duo applicable with nettalk duo service, which can be a drawback. I got it in last week and hooked it up. After this is all done, you can make and receive calls just as you would with a landline.

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