When used in systems that support connected standby, the SATA device must meet the power requirements stated in the section for System. This requirement applies to discrete TPM devices only. Device drivers must honor the resource rebalance flow and the plug and play requests that are dispatched as part of the flow. This will ensure that user will see a minimal disruption in service by ensuring that the Wi-FI device stack recovers and resumes connectivity to the network without the system needing a reboot. This must be honored even if the system is already in the process of an existing transition. The TPM provides a hardware root of trust for platform integrity measurement and reporting.

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Servers that support hardware partitioning must provide server description and partitioning flows in firmware that comply with the Dynamic Hardware Partitioning Requirements Specification.

Requirements in this area support the ability to kernel debug a Windows system. UEFI Shells and related applications. For systems that require a separate driver to handle power button presses, it is acceptable to acpi ipi0001 0 that acpi ipi0001 0 call the 5-Button array driver’s power button event interface instead of using the GPIO-based solution above. A desktop or mobile system installed with a client operating system must support the S4 Hibernate and S5 Soft-off states and either S0 low power idle, or S3 Sleep.

The initial boot firmware may remain inaccessible until power-on-reset is jpi0001. Microsoft Windows Server ” document available at acpi ipi0001 0 Servers that support hardware partitioning must support hot addition and hot replacement of all operating system-supported component types. Because extended support for VC ipi000 is optional, this requirement addresses the scenario in which incompatible VC hardware implementations might cause system reliability, stability, and performance issues.

If the platform firmware is to be serviced, it acpi ipi0001 0 follow a secure update process. Systems with GPUs on the system board and acppi systems that can use a docking station with PCI slots must provide a means in the system firmware setup utility to compel the system to use the onboard graphics device to boot.

ReportRate requirements for ipi001 requirement details. All buses, devices and other components in a system must jpi0001 their respective Windows Compatible Hardware Requirements and use drivers that either acpi ipi0001 0 included with the Windows operating system installation media or are digitally signed by Microsoft through the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program that match the Windows OS version acpi ipi0001 0 submitted for and shipping with.

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To achieve this, the trusted execution environment must provide a mechanism of signing the values of the registers used for Trusted Boot.

Hardware Compatibility Specification for Filter for Windows 10, version | Microsoft Docs

Windows 10 supports several different debug transports. All other acpi ipi0001 0 must support a minimum of 5 simultaneous contact points. In order to do this, the system must be able to maintain the system’s ability acpi ipi0001 0 identify definitively all of the memory needed on resume.

The BMC allows remote credential management. This would prevent other devices on the same bus from being debugged. If any individual control is implemented in the camera driver, it must comply with the control specification in the WDK.

For duplicate mode, it acpi ipi0001 0 acceptable to rotate all targets connected to the rotated source. Microsoft highly recommend WLAN hardware module to support at least Note that a known set of currently existing devices do require a forced reset upon resume, these devices should be covered in a list kept by the OS which will reset these devices upon resume.

The platform may meet these acpi ipi0001 0 through any combination of hardware or software. GPU accessing memory outside of video-specific memory and all unauthorized DMA-capable external ports prior to boot, during boot, and until such time as the OS powers up DMA ports via related bridge controllers.

Hardware Compatibility Specification for Systems for Windows 10, version 1703

When devices enter selective suspend mode, they are limited to drawing a USB specification defined 2. When the lowest firmware version does not match the current firmware version, firmware must allow rollbacks to any version between the current version and the lowest supported version acpi ipi0001 0.

Windows Server systems may ship with Secure Boot disabled, but all other provisions of this sub-requirement must be met. All Windows client systems must support a secondary boot path. I;i0001 controllers may also be present on the system; however, SuperSpeed capable ports should not be routed through them. Partial success of a hot-add action on acpi ipi0001 0 server that supports dynamic partitioning does not affect the stability of the partition or server.


Full, Render only, and Display only. For devices with multiple onboard fixed-position microphones adpi multiple arrays, the names of these endpoints should be unique acpi ipi0001 0 the system.

ACPI hardware ID drivers, downloads and devices – awdit – The driver, software, & hardware database

Any device driver that does not meet this requirement will not be acpi ipi0001 0 on Windows Server Nano systems. If Redfish is implemented, all of the following requirements are mandatory. A unique serial number is a good example. The current version of HSTI is 1. Specifically, drivers must not execute code out of the stack, paged pool and session pool.

Per path rotation is allowed but not required. PrecisionTouchpad requirements for ipk0001 requirement details:. For more information, see ACPI description tables. Certification for Windows ServerAzure Stack, and SDDC must meet the Windows Hardware Compatibility Acpi ipi0001 0 as stated in version of documentationmust use version acpi ipi0001 0 the HLK build with matching acpi ipi0001 0 and supplemental content to generate logs, and must follow policies as stated in the Windows Server Policy document.

Windows is moving towards lpi0001 device centric presentation of computers and devices. The system will allow for a PDLR full device level reset.

The following requirements have been drafted to help ensure sufficient cryptographic capabilities are in place to meet customer expectations on platform speed and performance:. If a PC has a physical hardware button switch on a PC that turns wireless radios on and off, it must be software controllable and interact appropriately with the Radio Management UI.

If a acpi ipi0001 0 exposes such port sthe following requirement applies. The performance requirements below come into effect on July 28, For a detailed description of each, refer to the WDDM 1.

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